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Friday, 29 October 2010

GÜ Chocolate Soufflé

巧克力心太軟(chocolate soft heart)
Availability: TESCO, £2.49

Cooking: Peel lid and oven heat approximately 15minutes on 150°C

I know it looks a little burnt, but it was just about right; Sweet, fluffy cake with hot melt in the middle chcolate center.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

September & October Faves

Warning: Firstly, I apologize if this post is unneccessarily messy, the HTML was messing on me. Secondly, this post is image heavy.

These 2 months are both abit "meh" I was seriously just goin all *cajjjjual* but here are some of the things I've been liking, and warrant them worthy to share... in no particular order:

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation
I'm seriously loving this foundation, it smooths on nicely, I'd say the coverage is about light-medium buildable, which is OK as my skin has been rather forgiving recently, with no breakouts. I apply using my fingers; any sort of foundation brush is being the bane of my life at the moment ! >=[ I initally only wanted to try this seeing as the maybelline pure mineral cover concealer was so good, and it's my GO-TO everyday! I don't even feel it <3 LOVES

Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care
Bloody mouthful! there's 50ml of product, cute packaging and when pumped, it seems abit blue, but a gurl can't complain. This is crazy good stuff, makes my pores look teeny weeny, shine-free and skin silky smoothie (v^_^) for £11.50 definitely would repurchase.

Clinique All About Eyes Cream
I've been wanting to try this out for so long, but at £22 a pop, I was pretty hesitant. I had the craziest dark-eye circles the other day, I applied this,  watched TV for a few minutes, glanced back in the mirror, I looked almost normal again! Seriously, I had cray cray panda eyes, this is miracle shit, and smooths out your eyes too, BONUS!

Bobby Pins and Bobbles(occasionally)
been using these babies to tie myself up a cute little side ponytail with loose curly hair, and without bobbles too!
as always, bobbles are a staple, I hate having my hair swaying all over the place, but I'm tryna use them less cos it damages my already dead hair, boohoo ='(

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Using this palette everyday, whether it be a single wash of colour all over or going all out, this has been my go-to, and at £27 it was a steal! Really loved the 24/7 glide-ons too, will be purchasing more for def!

Jill Stuart's Night Jewel eau de toilette
Bought this in HK the summer just gone, HK$500 for 50ml, pricey, but the smell is just gorgeous! Beautiful floral scent, althought it is a "toilette" it seems to last all day on me; much like a "parfum" would. Really pleased with this perfume, just a shame that JS doensn't supply beauty out of Asia, I guess I'll just have to spritz sparingly.

Benefit "Life on the A List" Lip Gloss
Got this with the "Her name was Glowla" set (which is a rip off by the way, don't get it!!) This has been my go-to gloss, layering it over every lip stick.
Also, it smells soooo guurd! It has a dipped doefoot applicator. but I wouldn't repurchase this on price (£14 for 5ml) There are better glosses, for half the price (Revlon Superlustrous~) but the smell of these are to die for, I shit you not!

Maybelline Coloursensational - Ambre Rose
These are a great alternative to high-end lipsticks, they have a great colour selection and Ambre Rose is definitely my favourite! The only problem I have with this is the frostiness, but other than that, so pretty.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray
Previously I had been using Avene Thermal Water, but I found that it sprayed unevenly, felt like it was more pissing on my face than spritzing. They are both 150ml, the Vichy one is about 50p more at £7.
I honestly do feel this has relieved some of the redness I've been experiencing during the past cold harsh days.

The Body Shop Cucumber Water (Toner)
This is the shit on tired Monday mornings, smells refreshing, feels refreshing. it's Simple, cooling, does what it's supposed to, so overall, Vvn is a Happy Chappy!

My daily accessories
These are both from the Boyfriend.
DKNY watch is from Valentines and the Links bracelet is from my Birthday <3

One on the left, another on the right and I'm good to go.

Favourite Nail Varnishes as of Current (from L-R)
Eyeko: Tea Rose Polish.
Missguided: MissCellaneous Nude Nail Splash
No7: Speed Dry in Iced Mocha

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Summer Shopping!

KH got the Wednesday off work, so we decided to take a trip with his Youngest Brother &Girlfriend to the Trafford Centre(KH's car has been at the Mechanics for a month, so haven't been able to go out for any shopping recently =[) meaning, we skanked a lift =D

I didn't get much, but managed to spend over £100
(This isn't all of it, but you get the Idea)
I finally got my hands on Revlon Colourburst's PEACH! I know it's been out for a month now, but like I said, I've not been out =( I've been a complete social reject!The rest of the items were just repurchases... I went and got myself a brand new M.A.C 187, which I've been holding off for SO long! heard so many good things, so I just gave in.. already got a dent in the ferrule :( oh well.

After wandering around TCwe decided to venture off into the City. JD(KH's Youngest Brother)&gf went to Bubble Cafe, whilst we went off in search of Miss. Westwood, and soon after popped over to Links (I'm going away to Hong Kong for a month, so this is my pre-birthday present)
Mister.KH thought it would be cute to have matching colours, it's not my favourite colour, but I damn sure don't mind it! (My carpet is purple.. maybe it will match that too haha)
*Diamante Purple Heart Orbs from Miss. Westwood (The Spring Gardens VW Store is seriously all-manned by Chinese people! We even went downstairs to the Men's department where there were also Chinese salesmen, and all the customers were Chinese too... what's your obsession?! Well, I can't judge hah!)
*Sweetie Purple Candy Hearts bracelet; this picture doesn't do it justice! It's so pretty

*There's an 18 charm for the upcoming Adulthood, and a Boxing Hare/"Bunny" to remind me of Mister.KH while I'm away.
That's all for the 'pre-bd' present, more to come soon ;) look out for 'post-bd' =D

Afterwards, we went into Chinatown for Wasabi, but I had to stop off at Woo Sang's for some GT! (I'm obsessed with Green Tea... *drools*)

Chicken Dumplings, Crab Salad <3
I definitely ate too quickly and felt really full after 2 plates, and 1 rice dish.

Also, on my way home yesterday, I stopped at the little boots to restock up on the Barry M Ice Cream Nail Paint editions, but they were all sold out... but I did manage to pick up a 'Mint Green' from Superdrug.
 very pretty little dupe for Chanel's Jade, and for such a good price! (£2.95 but boots are currently doing a 2 for £5! If you can find any instock that is)

My last note: Please excuse my rambling and the quality of the pictures; they were taken on my iPhone 3gs
That's all from me for now, V x