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Saturday, 1 October 2011

CCO & Escentual

If you don't know what CCO's are, I highly recommend you watch this video, it has everything you need to know!
Now, in the UK I would probably say there are only a handful scattered around the country.
The boyf and I went to the Cosmetics Company Store in Cheshire Oaks of Ellesmere Port, don't expect it to have a full range of items, as they usually only have overstock, and past collection items (on 30% discount)
Usually I find the items are just rejects, but I guess if you go at the right time you'll find some gems, which I managed to this time around! (btw- I don't like Clinique as a brand, so I never pick up any of their stuff... discounted or not!)

MAC 165 Brush 
A brush I've been searching for... for god knows how long, it was limited edition with the Colour craft collection, I tried eBay, ACW... but everywhere was sold out, so imagine my surprise and glee when I found it at the CCO and for 30% off too!
If you find it, I'd say GRAB it while you can, it's great for highlighting, contouring, blush... everything, it's a BEAUTIFUL brush!

My boyfriend loves it too, it reminds him of his old Black Velvet Rex Rabbit =)

Bobbi Brown Corrector "Bisque"
A product I've always been interested in but at £16-£17 for less than 2g of product, I've turned it down many-a-time, it's still not exactly a *steal* at £11 but it's better than paying the higher price, right? I'm around NC35, and this is a great counteracting colour for my undereyes.

I'm also pretty sure these have been reformulated, and very creamy now, so I was more than happy to pick up the old formula, because my skin is quite oily, I don't want it slipping and sliding all over the place.

Origins Spot Remover(R)
Contains a massive amount of Alcohol denat, (which is just plain old alcohol) that dries out the spots, and salacylic acid which is an anti bacterial - does wonders for my problem areas.
At the discounted price of £7 from the original £10

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush
I felt like this was one of the star products of the summer, so I was relatively surprised there were quite a few of them left at the CCO along with it's younger sister the bronzing blusher from last year.
Either way, I was happy to pick it up at it's discounted price of £20.50

Those 4 items conclude my CCO haul

Now, onto ESCENTUAL, a website I LOVE buying Dior from, they have it all brand new and at discounted prices too! and if you shop through TOPCASHBACK you'll get an additional 7% back!!
You'll realize that they are probably the first to receive and sell Dior's Spring, Summer and Holiday collections, so Escentual is a firm favourite of mine to shop at.
Dior Celebration Collection Eye Palette & Dior Vernis 704 Nirvana


It's quite pricey for 3 basic colours and a brown liner, but I couldn't resist it's *Limited Edition-ness* and pretty packaging, Dior's quality has always got me sniffing for more!

Escentual offer free 1st Class Delivery on orders over £40 =D

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cute Wedding Favours

Unfortunately, I did not get the pleasure of attending the wedding party, my parents however did have a great time, whilst I was left to slave away filling in for them (haha)

She brought back these cute red ribboned bags

A beaded bunny rabbit charm in a bag covered that was covered in the words "I Love You"

Contents included a Sticky HK "Wedding Day" and 利是 sweets(which I promptly scoffed)

I hope to have wedding favours just as cute as these one day!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

I Canmake you CRAZY!

Canmake is a "drugstore" brand in Japan, probably the equivalent of something like Rimmel in the UK.
It's great to find these products because they are geared more towards "asian culture"(something you wouldn't find regularly in the west) there are lots of nude lip colours, lots of cutesy fragrances, cute packaging and fashion-forward items such as their infamous cream blushers,
The brand is endorsed by Lena Fujii or as they would call her; the "spokesmodel" either way, Canmake cosmetics have got it allll down, offering a whole host full of different cosmetics and accesories, so you couldn't even imagine the excitement on my face when I finally found a Canmake counter!

Canmake is available at selected Sasa stores, and counters are available in YATA, Citistore, LOG-ON and CITI'super - again, only selected locations carry the line, with that being said, you will notice the stores they are available at are those "Japanese based supermarket" types, so it's clear where their home lies. 

Can't not love canmake! I got a fair few free items too!

Agebuto Mascara, Canmake Nail Glitter 06 Turquoise Blue, 2x Tropical Mango edt

Bubble Grape edt, Fragrance Hair Essence(free), Fragrance Hair Oil(free), Make Cover Mist

Melty Nude Lip: 01 Baby Beige, 02 Creamy Nude, 03 Baby Pink, 04 Peach Beige.

I have to say, these are all quite pale nudes, so against my skintone they look a little white, probably best suited for paler skintones, but who can resist the cute packaging *dies*
I'm not saying they still won't work though, I love them paired with the nudy glow glosses

Coloring Eyebrow 01 Yellow Browm, Nudy Glow Lipgloss: 01 Rose Macaron, 02 Strawberry Whip, 04 Sugar Milk Tea, Bubble Grape hand cream (free)

There are other shades of coloring eyebrow which I am looking to invest in, I chose the Nudy Glow glosses a little more strict, only the shades I knew would go well with my skintone.

(far corner: Perfect Brown Eyes 02 Natural Brown) Canmake Shading Powder 02 Burnt Brown, Cheek Gradation 04 Chocolate Stripe, Cream Cheek 07 Coral Orange

Eyshadow Base, Cream Cheek(clockwise): 10 Sweet Orange, 05 Sweet Apricot, 02 Cherry Pink and 07 Coral Orange

Look forward to my upcoming reviews and swatches ^3^

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Laneige Haul (and my skincare routine)

My Mother and I have both been using Laneige as a brand for a few years now, we trust the way they see beauty and the skin and always go back for skin consultations. The saleswomen are always extremely friendly and helpful, all items were bought in the Mong Kok Sai Yeung Choi St 18a store(next to Hollywood Plaza) Bare in mind, there are 2 Laneige stores on the same street.

Last year I had invested in the
Pore Trouble Line, I really liked the items I had which included the Refiner, Emulsion and Hydrogel, sadly the hydrogel has been discontinued, if you know Laneige, then you will realise they "discontinue" a lot of their products every year, and often repackage items and refomulate certain lines.

Foaming Cleanser - This is by far my holy grail makeup remover/ cleanser, I will use this when I have on a full face of makeup, and use it a second time with a facial brush for that extra deep clean, the tiniest amount lathers ever so beautifully.
This product has been repackaged, but is still available at certain online concessions and in limited counters.

Power Essential Skin Refiner Light_EX - I used the Pore Trouble Skin Refiner last year, which contained Salacylic Acid and Triclosan, which really helped to clear the complexion, unfortunately that is another discontinued item, so this time around I went for basic Hydration Light_EX is just a basic toner, there is also EX_2 which looks milky as it has been specially formulated for dryer skins.
All Skin refiners have been repackaged and now contain an increased 200ml compared to the former 160ml(pictured) for that fact, I feel a little ripped off, because I bought 2! Which means I'm out 80mls

Pore Tight Essence - I bought the original one last year which was more like a special treatment(I still haven't finished it - I use it as a primer because of it's thicker consistency) the new version has a slightly more liquid texture, so is great and light for use in daytime, I will tend to use this type of formula during the warmer months when I am prone to getting oilier. 
The previous pore tight essence in the foiled container has been discontinued.

(not yet pictured)Water Bank Essence_EX - Just a great hydrating light liquid essence for use in the daytime for those colder, harsh winter months or even for use in the evening in the summer season.
Water bank essence is one of the few products that Laneige doesn't change as it is one of their "famous" products, one that Laneige is well-known for.

Hydra Solution Essence - This essence is really amazing, I had a few samples last year and was always intrigued, but hadn't the money to spend on it! I would use this in my night routine(preferably in the colder months), it dispenses almost as a gel, but when rubbed in, instantaneously turns into a hydrating watery essence.
This is yet another one of Laneige's great products that does not change formula/get discontinued/ repackaged.
Do keep in mind, Hydra Solution is one of Laneige's more pricier lines, and this specific product only contains 40ml.

Balancing Emulsion 2_EX - Specifically formulated for Combination/Oily skintypes, it has a light feel yet still hydrates well which means it's great for use in the daytime(for summer), I used the Pore Trouble Emulsion last year(which I still have half a bottle of lying around somewhere) which contained Tea Tree extract, Salacylic Acid and Triclosan, but it made me even oilier, which makes me think it would be better for dry skins- but for acne prone(?) I will pass it on to my boyfriend who has acne, but extremely dry skin.
Emulsions have been repackaged but still contain the same amount at 120ml, Pore trouble Emulsion has been discontinued.
The skin consultants describe their emulsions and creams like apparel, we wear layers; such as cardigans over t-shirts, just as we layer creams over emulsions. This is a key-step in Laneige skincare since they are allllll about the hydration

Pore Clear Essence - is a brand new product that launched with the Pore Care line, specially designed to get rid of those pesky blackheads and impurities, it is made to use after emulsion in the daytime, I use this on my trouble areas to help clear it of blemishes and clogged pores.

Water Bank Cream 2_EX - As with Emulsions, there is also a 1_EX variation for dry skins. Water Bank Cream is relatively thick and delivers a lock for moisture, I find that it keeps the skin plump all night long, but can feel heavy, especially with the use of essence and emulsion underneath.

Hydra Solution Cream - a Cream formula that turns to water when massaged into the face and instantly hydrates the skin, Hydra Solution line claims to have Himalayan Snow Water content to better revitalize the skin for a pure and rejuvenated feel. I would use this in conjunction with the essence at night time- preferably around the winter season. They say it "keeps a well balance of richness and refreshment for combination/oily yet dry skin", and I couldn't agree more with that statement.
The Hydra Solution line does not change packaging/formula on a regular basis like other Laneige lines due to it being so popular.

Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes - This eye cream has two separate pots, one has an eye cream for day which has SPF25 PA++ that protects against UVA rays then on the right, a moisturising night eye cream that promotes anti-ageing and smooth skin, they even provide you a Laneige spatula that can be inserted in the slot on the back of the casing, I've had a really hard time with eye creams in the past year, I used Clinique's all about eyes, and it gave great results the first few times, but went on to gift a horrible reaction, my eyelid was swollen and dry for weeks! Thank God I have this one now, I even bought a back up!
The packaging of Dual Touch eyes is not very sturdy and rattles a lot, if you prefer; the pots are detachable from the container
Perfect Renew Line was designed with mature women in mind who have concerns with fine lines and, unfortunately as I wear contact lenses quite often, I have the tendency to squint, which has resulted in the early stages of fine lines around my eye contours, I expressed this concern with my consultant and she helped me to choose the best eye cream suited to my need.

Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack - I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Strawberry Yogurt Pack from Laneige, as it has been highly spoken about practically everywhere! I tried this the other day and it smells heavenly, really makes me want to eat it- although I'm not sure that would do me any good. The texture is moderately thick, but spreads evenly and whilst waiting the 15-20 minutes for it to do it's magic, I found it to be a little oily.
Strawberry Yogurt Pack has been discontinued, and is replaced with the Multiberry Special Line.

(not pictured)Water Sleeping Pack_EX - I didn't repurchase this year because I have barely touched mine, it has the exact same packaging as the yoghurt pack with the exception of it being blue, it's good as a special treat every now and again if your skin is feeling dull and dry, but I'm not a huge fan of the scent.Almost all Laneige products are heavily scented, so if you have Sensitive skin, you're best looking into the Sensitive line(which is due to be discontinued in Hong Kong as of August 2011)

Because my Mother and I are firm users of Laneige, we are also part of their reward programme, for each HK$100 spent, you will gain 1 point, the rewards change yearly, last year I was able to exchange 30 points in return for a full sized Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover and Snow Crystal Lip Treatment.
This year I exchanged 40 points for a Professional Selection Blusher and a Multi Function Mascara, all rewards are full sized items, but points do expire in a set amount of time.

Professional Selection Blusher in 01 Pink Gradation. (worth about £20+)
I have to say Laneige is also very generous with their samples, and often if you spend enough they also provide you with little deluxe sample sets

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Collection 2000: Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream

I was running errands today (Going to Tesco and the bank-so glamorous, I know) and I just so happened to pass by a Superdrug... These lip creams have been on my mind ever since I watched Lisa Eldridge's Video (they can be seen at 7:35)

Collection 2000 really got it right with these lip creams, the font is ever so cute, and the colour selection is great! At £2.99 each these were a steal, so I bought all 4. (Each tube contains 5ml)
The name however, has got me all in a twist, I keep calling them "Creamy Puff" and somehow have gotten the name "Soft Matte Lip Cream" in my head, which I believe is a product from NYX Cosmetics.

Angel DelightPowder PuffCotton Candy & Fairy Cake

Swatches: Angel Delight, Powder Puff, Cotton Candy & Fairy Cake
Angel Delight is a natural nude shade, kind of a "my lips but better"
Powder Puff against my NC35 skin is a soft baby pink-atleast it is on my lips(I have naturally very rosy pigmented lips) If you're looking for concealer lips - look somewhere else!
Cotton Candy is a cool raspberry pink, yet not overly blue-toned that it clashes with my skintone...love!
and lastly, Fairy Cake is a bright Coral and my personal favourite o(^__<")v

Fairy Cake - doefoot applicator
The texture of these are described as a "VELEVETY SOFT MATTE FINISH LIP CREAM" I would say these are definitely not liquidy, and more of a mousse-cream hybrid, non-drying but probably need re-applying after a few hours, and because of their mousse texture, I wouldn't doubt their performance in being a cream blush either.
Collection 2000's Cream Puff Lip Creams are right on trend with their comfortable-wearing matte lip cream, and with the price... you really can't go wrong!

Get yours now! Available from Superdrug and Boots

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Products I'm Using!

(Copied from 5andrablogs) tweaked the categories a tidbit! but here it is :D

Shampoo: Usually whatever is in the bathroom, but my choice would be Pantene Pro-V's Smooth and Sleek

Conditioner: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Shower gel:
Dove Softening Silk Body

Styling products: Aussie Hi Hold Hi Shine Dual Personality Hairspray (IF any!)

Body moisturizer: Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturiser

Deodorant: Nivea Double Effect "White Senses"

Foundation: Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation, YSL Teint Resist & MUFE HD

Cleanser: Laneige Professional Makeup Remover Foaming Cleanser

Exfoliator: CURE Natural Aqua Gel, Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

Primer: Laneige Sebum Control or Laneige Pore Refining Essence

Foundation Brush: No7 Foundation Brush, or Fingers

Powder: MAC Blot Powder or Laura Mercier Translucent

Concealer: Bourjois Brush Concealer (for under eyes) & Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

Blush: Benefit "Coralista", Sleek "Life's a Peach"

Bronzer: Chanel "Bronze Corail", Benefit "Hoola"

Highlighter: MAC Lustre Drops "Sun Rush" and "Pink Rebel"

Eyeshadow Base: UDPP always

Eyeshadows: Dior "565 Nude Look" Duo, UD Naked Palette & DIor "659 Crush Glow"

Eyebrows: UD "Buck" from Naked Palette

Eyeliner: YSL Dessin du Regard Waterproof(Black) & MAC Surf USA eyeshadow

Lash Curler: Shu Uemura if anything!

Mascara: YSL Faux Cils and Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash

Lipbalm: Laneige Snow Crystal Lip Treatment

Lipstick: Maybelline "Coral Pop" Colorsensational, MAC "Costa Chic"

Lipgloss: Barry M Lip Gloss Wand "Coral"

Nail colour: Essie "Not Just a Pretty Face"

I'm curious to see what other people are using on the roll up to Summer! let me know ;)

V x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Styling a Maxi-Dress

Love Maxi-Dresses for summer! 

V x

    Friday, 18 March 2011

    [MMM Part Deux] Illamasqua Haul!

    I always feel awkward using the word "Haul" because 1) I'm not American, and 2) I don't feel like I've reached that kind of cool-blogger-status to use it *rolls eyes... idk*

    My posts to-date have usually just been oversized pictures followed by a few words, that's not necessarily going to change, but I thought i'd mix it up a bit, and try smaller bite-sized posts with less of the heavy-duty images.
    Nevertheless, here we go again...

    Illamasqua recently had some maintenance on their website because, as I've personally experienced, they've been hit by difficulties having it load fast enough, crash and so forth, I don't want to bore you with the story, but basically they had a 20% off code for their online store which was sent to people following the Illamasqua newsletter via email... ummmmmm 20% off.. who WOULDN'T?!

    Beginning with the brushes...
    # Highlighter Brush - I'm not gonna lie, I bought this especially for Chanel Bronze Universel... I didn't want my 109 shedding in it, and this definitely seems like the synthetic cousin of it, definitely not twin, but a relative of some sort, really pleased with it so far, blends like a dream!
    Blending Brush #2 - I have the Blending Brush #1 for concealer, and I just thought it was a little too dense and stiff for my liking, I found this great for spot-concealing with the bristles being quite fluffy and free, but I think this would also be great for highlight and possibly a plethora of other tasks.
    Last, but definitely not least; the Angled Eye Liner Brush - I was using a 208 for Cream/Gel liners, but I get really anal about keeping natural fibres to powders and synthetic fibres to emollients, this was just an essential in my eyes =P (another excuse more like)
    Next... Powder Blushers <3
    Please excuse the dustings, I must've just swatched it prior to this photo =|
    # This is seriously my new favourite go-to blush, I was afraid this would be too light for my NC30-35 skintone, but it's fine, I'm sure Katie would be too stark and possibly cool toned for my skin, but this may be one of the best decisions I've ever made... in my entire life (over exaggeration obv)

    # Super duper bright Apple-red colour (duh... as you can see) A pretty colour all-round! really reminds me of MAC VV Bite of an Apple blush, so if you guys missed out.. maybe you should check this out, although I don't know what the VV one looks like exactly... so... don't take my word for it ;)

    # Originally, I wanted to get Lover... which I thought would be too orange, so I decided to go with Excite which has a slightly peachier tone to it, but no matter how hard I try to photograph this, it turns out bright orange (so... I'm sorry this picture may be a little deceiving, I haven't gotten into the swing of *swatching* things on my forearm as of yet, but maybe sometime in the near future) maybe I'm lying to myself, maybe it is just orange, *idk*
     # I probably will end up getting Lover too, but for now.. I reckon I really need to cool it with shopping... except I really want Expose too -smh-

    Friday, 4 March 2011

    A new Cupcakery in town

    Hey Little Cupcake is still a baby in the shopping districts' eyes as they've only been open about 3 weeks(as of posting) they had a hugely successful pop-up store during the Summer which has now blossomed into a fully-fledged little shop, located next to Nando's, Little Quay Street.

    My friend and I were on a mission to find this place, after getting lost in Spinningfields, A place of what feels like someone had just cut a piece out of the London business district and plopped it on the verge of Manchester & Deansgate, we found it... after circling around about 3 times, but we found it, and that's what matters ~__~

    Pictured above is a Hot Chocolate, a Sorrento Cello(Lemon flavoured cupcake), The New Yorker(Marbled cupcake with coffee flavoured buttercream) and a Cappucino, needless to say... my sweet tooth is yearning for more.

    They've taken design to a new level with City-inspired cupcakes and just the little details that make this place so unique, The cupcakery itself is spectacular; as soon as you step in, it's just a whole different place, cupcakes just make people happy, it's instantly fulfilling.
    With so many flavours to choose from, you won't be stuck for choice, but rather spoilt.

    The staff are super sweet and cheery, so don't be shy!
    There's a variety of cupcake paraphernalia, t-shirts amongst other items on display and for sale, with offerings of a catering service and cupcake lessons too, you really can't go wrong.

    I highly reccomend for everybody to visit this place atleast once in their lifetime!
    5 Shiny Cupcake Stars from me.

    Sunday, 13 February 2011

    New Found Love!

    Nescafé's newest addition...
    Contains: whitener(bad for you! Skimmed is much better), coffee and sugar all in a handy single sachet.
    Easy as pies for all you lazy students or just lazy people in general ;) Convenient to throw in your bag for travelling too!

    Nescafé aroma is LOVE
    Laziness at it's peak: When coffee comes in a paper bag for you to - *Just add hot water*

    Friday, 4 February 2011

    Loves of January

    Ombres Perlées de Chanel Eyeshadow Quint - £40

    Cath Kidston Travel Manicure Set - £15

    Chanel 513 Black Pearl Le Vernis - £17

    Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire - £41

    Aussie <3