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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Summer Shopping!

KH got the Wednesday off work, so we decided to take a trip with his Youngest Brother &Girlfriend to the Trafford Centre(KH's car has been at the Mechanics for a month, so haven't been able to go out for any shopping recently =[) meaning, we skanked a lift =D

I didn't get much, but managed to spend over £100
(This isn't all of it, but you get the Idea)
I finally got my hands on Revlon Colourburst's PEACH! I know it's been out for a month now, but like I said, I've not been out =( I've been a complete social reject!The rest of the items were just repurchases... I went and got myself a brand new M.A.C 187, which I've been holding off for SO long! heard so many good things, so I just gave in.. already got a dent in the ferrule :( oh well.

After wandering around TCwe decided to venture off into the City. JD(KH's Youngest Brother)&gf went to Bubble Cafe, whilst we went off in search of Miss. Westwood, and soon after popped over to Links (I'm going away to Hong Kong for a month, so this is my pre-birthday present)
Mister.KH thought it would be cute to have matching colours, it's not my favourite colour, but I damn sure don't mind it! (My carpet is purple.. maybe it will match that too haha)
*Diamante Purple Heart Orbs from Miss. Westwood (The Spring Gardens VW Store is seriously all-manned by Chinese people! We even went downstairs to the Men's department where there were also Chinese salesmen, and all the customers were Chinese too... what's your obsession?! Well, I can't judge hah!)
*Sweetie Purple Candy Hearts bracelet; this picture doesn't do it justice! It's so pretty

*There's an 18 charm for the upcoming Adulthood, and a Boxing Hare/"Bunny" to remind me of Mister.KH while I'm away.
That's all for the 'pre-bd' present, more to come soon ;) look out for 'post-bd' =D

Afterwards, we went into Chinatown for Wasabi, but I had to stop off at Woo Sang's for some GT! (I'm obsessed with Green Tea... *drools*)

Chicken Dumplings, Crab Salad <3
I definitely ate too quickly and felt really full after 2 plates, and 1 rice dish.

Also, on my way home yesterday, I stopped at the little boots to restock up on the Barry M Ice Cream Nail Paint editions, but they were all sold out... but I did manage to pick up a 'Mint Green' from Superdrug.
 very pretty little dupe for Chanel's Jade, and for such a good price! (£2.95 but boots are currently doing a 2 for £5! If you can find any instock that is)

My last note: Please excuse my rambling and the quality of the pictures; they were taken on my iPhone 3gs
That's all from me for now, V x

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