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Friday, 18 March 2011

[MMM Part Deux] Illamasqua Haul!

I always feel awkward using the word "Haul" because 1) I'm not American, and 2) I don't feel like I've reached that kind of cool-blogger-status to use it *rolls eyes... idk*

My posts to-date have usually just been oversized pictures followed by a few words, that's not necessarily going to change, but I thought i'd mix it up a bit, and try smaller bite-sized posts with less of the heavy-duty images.
Nevertheless, here we go again...

Illamasqua recently had some maintenance on their website because, as I've personally experienced, they've been hit by difficulties having it load fast enough, crash and so forth, I don't want to bore you with the story, but basically they had a 20% off code for their online store which was sent to people following the Illamasqua newsletter via email... ummmmmm 20% off.. who WOULDN'T?!

Beginning with the brushes...
# Highlighter Brush - I'm not gonna lie, I bought this especially for Chanel Bronze Universel... I didn't want my 109 shedding in it, and this definitely seems like the synthetic cousin of it, definitely not twin, but a relative of some sort, really pleased with it so far, blends like a dream!
Blending Brush #2 - I have the Blending Brush #1 for concealer, and I just thought it was a little too dense and stiff for my liking, I found this great for spot-concealing with the bristles being quite fluffy and free, but I think this would also be great for highlight and possibly a plethora of other tasks.
Last, but definitely not least; the Angled Eye Liner Brush - I was using a 208 for Cream/Gel liners, but I get really anal about keeping natural fibres to powders and synthetic fibres to emollients, this was just an essential in my eyes =P (another excuse more like)
Next... Powder Blushers <3
Please excuse the dustings, I must've just swatched it prior to this photo =|
# This is seriously my new favourite go-to blush, I was afraid this would be too light for my NC30-35 skintone, but it's fine, I'm sure Katie would be too stark and possibly cool toned for my skin, but this may be one of the best decisions I've ever made... in my entire life (over exaggeration obv)

# Super duper bright Apple-red colour (duh... as you can see) A pretty colour all-round! really reminds me of MAC VV Bite of an Apple blush, so if you guys missed out.. maybe you should check this out, although I don't know what the VV one looks like exactly... so... don't take my word for it ;)

# Originally, I wanted to get Lover... which I thought would be too orange, so I decided to go with Excite which has a slightly peachier tone to it, but no matter how hard I try to photograph this, it turns out bright orange (so... I'm sorry this picture may be a little deceiving, I haven't gotten into the swing of *swatching* things on my forearm as of yet, but maybe sometime in the near future) maybe I'm lying to myself, maybe it is just orange, *idk*
 # I probably will end up getting Lover too, but for now.. I reckon I really need to cool it with shopping... except I really want Expose too -smh-

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