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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Collection 2000: Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream

I was running errands today (Going to Tesco and the bank-so glamorous, I know) and I just so happened to pass by a Superdrug... These lip creams have been on my mind ever since I watched Lisa Eldridge's Video (they can be seen at 7:35)

Collection 2000 really got it right with these lip creams, the font is ever so cute, and the colour selection is great! At £2.99 each these were a steal, so I bought all 4. (Each tube contains 5ml)
The name however, has got me all in a twist, I keep calling them "Creamy Puff" and somehow have gotten the name "Soft Matte Lip Cream" in my head, which I believe is a product from NYX Cosmetics.

Angel DelightPowder PuffCotton Candy & Fairy Cake

Swatches: Angel Delight, Powder Puff, Cotton Candy & Fairy Cake
Angel Delight is a natural nude shade, kind of a "my lips but better"
Powder Puff against my NC35 skin is a soft baby pink-atleast it is on my lips(I have naturally very rosy pigmented lips) If you're looking for concealer lips - look somewhere else!
Cotton Candy is a cool raspberry pink, yet not overly blue-toned that it clashes with my skintone...love!
and lastly, Fairy Cake is a bright Coral and my personal favourite o(^__<")v

Fairy Cake - doefoot applicator
The texture of these are described as a "VELEVETY SOFT MATTE FINISH LIP CREAM" I would say these are definitely not liquidy, and more of a mousse-cream hybrid, non-drying but probably need re-applying after a few hours, and because of their mousse texture, I wouldn't doubt their performance in being a cream blush either.
Collection 2000's Cream Puff Lip Creams are right on trend with their comfortable-wearing matte lip cream, and with the price... you really can't go wrong!

Get yours now! Available from Superdrug and Boots


  1. I was testing these today! *great minds think alike teehee* going to get the pink and the red ones - they were all sold out today! xxx

  2. Thuy- do itttttttt!

    Kim- I got mine in my local village LOL, there were loads, I just went in and *SWIPE* ALL MINE!