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Saturday, 3 September 2011

I Canmake you CRAZY!

Canmake is a "drugstore" brand in Japan, probably the equivalent of something like Rimmel in the UK.
It's great to find these products because they are geared more towards "asian culture"(something you wouldn't find regularly in the west) there are lots of nude lip colours, lots of cutesy fragrances, cute packaging and fashion-forward items such as their infamous cream blushers,
The brand is endorsed by Lena Fujii or as they would call her; the "spokesmodel" either way, Canmake cosmetics have got it allll down, offering a whole host full of different cosmetics and accesories, so you couldn't even imagine the excitement on my face when I finally found a Canmake counter!

Canmake is available at selected Sasa stores, and counters are available in YATA, Citistore, LOG-ON and CITI'super - again, only selected locations carry the line, with that being said, you will notice the stores they are available at are those "Japanese based supermarket" types, so it's clear where their home lies. 

Can't not love canmake! I got a fair few free items too!

Agebuto Mascara, Canmake Nail Glitter 06 Turquoise Blue, 2x Tropical Mango edt

Bubble Grape edt, Fragrance Hair Essence(free), Fragrance Hair Oil(free), Make Cover Mist

Melty Nude Lip: 01 Baby Beige, 02 Creamy Nude, 03 Baby Pink, 04 Peach Beige.

I have to say, these are all quite pale nudes, so against my skintone they look a little white, probably best suited for paler skintones, but who can resist the cute packaging *dies*
I'm not saying they still won't work though, I love them paired with the nudy glow glosses

Coloring Eyebrow 01 Yellow Browm, Nudy Glow Lipgloss: 01 Rose Macaron, 02 Strawberry Whip, 04 Sugar Milk Tea, Bubble Grape hand cream (free)

There are other shades of coloring eyebrow which I am looking to invest in, I chose the Nudy Glow glosses a little more strict, only the shades I knew would go well with my skintone.

(far corner: Perfect Brown Eyes 02 Natural Brown) Canmake Shading Powder 02 Burnt Brown, Cheek Gradation 04 Chocolate Stripe, Cream Cheek 07 Coral Orange

Eyshadow Base, Cream Cheek(clockwise): 10 Sweet Orange, 05 Sweet Apricot, 02 Cherry Pink and 07 Coral Orange

Look forward to my upcoming reviews and swatches ^3^

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