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Saturday, 1 October 2011

CCO & Escentual

If you don't know what CCO's are, I highly recommend you watch this video, it has everything you need to know!
Now, in the UK I would probably say there are only a handful scattered around the country.
The boyf and I went to the Cosmetics Company Store in Cheshire Oaks of Ellesmere Port, don't expect it to have a full range of items, as they usually only have overstock, and past collection items (on 30% discount)
Usually I find the items are just rejects, but I guess if you go at the right time you'll find some gems, which I managed to this time around! (btw- I don't like Clinique as a brand, so I never pick up any of their stuff... discounted or not!)

MAC 165 Brush 
A brush I've been searching for... for god knows how long, it was limited edition with the Colour craft collection, I tried eBay, ACW... but everywhere was sold out, so imagine my surprise and glee when I found it at the CCO and for 30% off too!
If you find it, I'd say GRAB it while you can, it's great for highlighting, contouring, blush... everything, it's a BEAUTIFUL brush!

My boyfriend loves it too, it reminds him of his old Black Velvet Rex Rabbit =)

Bobbi Brown Corrector "Bisque"
A product I've always been interested in but at £16-£17 for less than 2g of product, I've turned it down many-a-time, it's still not exactly a *steal* at £11 but it's better than paying the higher price, right? I'm around NC35, and this is a great counteracting colour for my undereyes.

I'm also pretty sure these have been reformulated, and very creamy now, so I was more than happy to pick up the old formula, because my skin is quite oily, I don't want it slipping and sliding all over the place.

Origins Spot Remover(R)
Contains a massive amount of Alcohol denat, (which is just plain old alcohol) that dries out the spots, and salacylic acid which is an anti bacterial - does wonders for my problem areas.
At the discounted price of £7 from the original £10

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush
I felt like this was one of the star products of the summer, so I was relatively surprised there were quite a few of them left at the CCO along with it's younger sister the bronzing blusher from last year.
Either way, I was happy to pick it up at it's discounted price of £20.50

Those 4 items conclude my CCO haul

Now, onto ESCENTUAL, a website I LOVE buying Dior from, they have it all brand new and at discounted prices too! and if you shop through TOPCASHBACK you'll get an additional 7% back!!
You'll realize that they are probably the first to receive and sell Dior's Spring, Summer and Holiday collections, so Escentual is a firm favourite of mine to shop at.
Dior Celebration Collection Eye Palette & Dior Vernis 704 Nirvana


It's quite pricey for 3 basic colours and a brown liner, but I couldn't resist it's *Limited Edition-ness* and pretty packaging, Dior's quality has always got me sniffing for more!

Escentual offer free 1st Class Delivery on orders over £40 =D

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